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King George V Question from Mr Bridger

Mr H Bridger telephoned Gustamps with an enquiry about King George V. Gustamps was told by Mr Bridger that he knew that King George V had assembled one of the finest and most valuable stamp collections in the world. Mr Bridger told Gustamps that he had heard that the King had tried to buy the famous British Guiana 1 cent magenta, thought to be the rarest stamp in the world. Gustamps heard from Herbert Bridger that he had failed to do so. Mr Bridger asked Gustamps "Is it true?"

Gustamps answer to Mr Bridger was that in 1880, the famous philatelist Count Philip von Ferrary bought the stamp for $600. Gustamps said he kept it until he died in 1917. Gustamps added that at that time Count Ferrary's stamp collection was sold at auction. Mr Bridger heard from Gustamps that the rare British Guiana stamp was sold for $38,025 to Arthur Hind, an American. Gustamps said the underbidder at the auction was the agent for King George V, so Gustamps reply to Herbert Bridger was "yes, the agent failed to buy the stamp on behalf of the King." Gustamps would like to thank Mr Herbert Bridger for his enquiry to Gustamps and Gustamps would also like to thank him for letting Gustamps publish this blog.

Please, Please, Please can Gustamps Help Me?

Mary Phillips had several stamps which were handed down to her by her Gran. Mary turned to Gustamps to find out where the stamps were from. Mary also wanted Gustamps to tell her how much they were worth. Some stamps were inscribed "ANTANANARIVO" some were old looking stamps inscribed "ANTIOQUIA" others inscribed "BATAAN." Mary said "please, please, please can Gustamps help me?" Gustamps reply to Mary was "Bataan is Philippines. Antioquia is Colombia and finally," said Gustamps, "Antananarivo is Madagascar." Gustamps told Mary that was the easy part, as to the value of the stamps, Gustamps advised Mary to bring them along to the Gustamps shop in Brighton for a free Gustamps stamp valuation to get an exact market value. Gustamps told Mary a photocopy of the stamps  would only serve as a rough guide.

Lots of thanks to Mary for her enquiry to Gustamps and for allowing Gustamps to publish it.  

Paul Robourne's Research Helped by Gustamps

Mr Paul Robourne told Gustamps he was researching hobbies in the UK during the 1950s - 1960 period. Paul said to Gustamps "I realise it is an obscure enquiry, nevertheless I wonder if Gustamps could help me. Could Gustamps possibly tell me how many stamp collectors were there in England in the 1950s-1960s period?" Gustamps answer to Mr Robourne was that unfortunately Gustamps could not locate the precise figure. After some discussion at Gustamps, Gustamps came up with a 'guesstimate' figure of about 4 million people that would have been collecting stamps at any one time during 1950s-1960s England. Gustamps pointed out to Paul that this figure is far from exact, but simply Gustamps guess. 

Gustamps are told Mr Robourne is doing well with his research into 1950s-1960s English hobbies. Gustamps also thank Paul Robourne for letting Gustamps publish his enquiry.